Moroccans of the World

Connecting the disconnect

About three percent of the world’s population lives outside its country of birth and Moroccans are no exception. 

Just after the independence has morocco signed several migration labor treaties with different European counties to name a few, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These treaties have encouraged the migratory movement of Moroccans towards Europe and have been since strengthen by family reunification, international students, and the migration of high skilled workers. 

There are many sides to the discourse over international migration. While much of it focuses on the economic benefits of migration in both recipient and sending countries, or get politized during the elections in Europe , much less is known about the human side of the migration phenomenon.

It is no doubt that migration can provide better conditions of living, both for the movers and the stayers in the country of origin, through the increase of incomes and the acquisition of material things. However, migration can in many cases disrupts family life and lead to some type of disconnect. 

This has become very apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as other migrant communities, Moroccan migrants could not visit their families and maintain a functioning household and relationships in two different locations. 

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